Cave Sleep - Cat Bed

Cave Sleep - Cat Bed

$34.99 USD

L 36x36x36cm
XL 40x40x40cm

Cave Sleep - Cat Bed
Size Options:  (L)36x36x38cm/14.17"x14.17"x14.9"  (XL)39x39x40cm/15.35"x15.35"x15.7"
*Make sure you select correct size before ordering*
Non-Slip Bottom
COZY DESIGN (Your Cat will Love it!)

Introducing the Cave Sleep Cat Bed, the perfect cozy retreat for your feline friend. This enclosed cat bed features a soft and furry plush material, ensuring ultimate comfort and warmth for your cat. With a hooded design, this cat cave bed provides a sense of security for your furry companion, allowing them to relax and rest peacefully. The non-slip bottom ensures that the bed stays in place even during the most active playtime.

Available in two sizes, the Cave Sleep Cat Bed is suitable for cats of all sizes. Make sure to select the correct size before ordering to provide your cat with the perfect fit. With its cozy design and comfortable material, your cat will love snuggling up in their very own Cave Sleep Cat Bed. Give your furry friend the gift of comfort and relaxation with this furry and plush cat bed.

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