Baby Feed - Suction Bowls & Bibs

Baby Feed - Suction Bowls & Bibs

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Pink Bowl
Yellow Bowl
Gray Bowl
Blue Bowl
Peachy Bowl
Spoon Random
Blue Set 2
Yellow Set 2
Gray Set 2 2
Pink Set 2
Peachy Set 2
Pink Set 1
Yellow Set 1
Gray Set 1
Blue Set 1
Peachy Set 1
Pink Panda
Marble Panda
Leather Powder Set 1
Mint Set 1
Beige Panda
Deep Gray Set 1
Beige Set 1
Mustard Set 1
Gray Panda
Leather Powder Set 2
Spoon Random 2
Gray Set 2
Beige Set 2

Baby Feed - Suction Bowls & Bibs
. Non-Slip Silicone Bowls
. Suction (not easy to knock over)
. Food-Grade / Non-Toxic / Safe
. BPA Free 
. User Friendly / Anti-Flow Design / Prevent Food Spill

Make mealtime enjoyable and stress-free with our Baby Feed - Suction Bowls & Bibs set. Our non-slip silicone bowls feature a suction cup base that keeps the bowl in place, so you don't have to worry about spills and messes. The bowls are also designed with an anti-flow feature that prevents food from spilling out, making it perfect for self-feeding toddlers.

Our silicone bibs are soft, comfortable, and easy to clean. The bibs are designed with an adjustable neck strap that fits most babies and toddlers. The food-grade and non-toxic material used in the bowls and bibs are BPA-free, ensuring that your little one's meals are safe and healthy.

This baby feeding set includes all the essentials for mealtime, making it a perfect gift for new parents. The dishwasher-safe baby dishes and reusable bibs make cleanup easy and convenient. Choose from our cute and colorful designs that your little one will surely love. With our Baby Feed - Suction Bowls & Bibs set, mealtime will be a breeze for both you and your baby!

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