Auto Pet Feeder 4L (USA - DHL Delivery)

Auto Pet Feeder 4L (USA - DHL Delivery)

$179.99 USD

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7 case pet feeder

Auto Pet Feeder 4L  (USA - DHL Delivery)
. Built-in Weight Sensor
. Dual Power Supply: Battery (Not Incl.) or Adaptor 
. Feeding by Schedule / Voice Control / via Phone
. LED Indicator / WiFi Setting Button
. Upgrade - Auto Reversal when Food Stuck/Removable Food Container


Introducing the Auto Pet Feeder 4L, the perfect solution for busy pet owners who want to make sure their furry friend is fed on time, every time. This automatic pet feeder is not only large in capacity, holding up to 4 liters of food, but it also features a built-in weight sensor, ensuring that your pet receives the correct amount of food every time.

The feeder has dual power supply options - you can use batteries or the included adapter. You can even control the feeding schedule or record your voice to call your pet for mealtime. With the LED indicator and WiFi setting button, you can customize feeding schedules and monitor your pet's feeding habits.

The Auto Pet Feeder 4L is equipped with an upgrade that automatically reverses when food gets stuck and a removable food container for easy cleaning. This smart pet feeder provides peace of mind and keeps your pet healthy by ensuring they always have fresh food available. Order now and enjoy DHL delivery to the USA!

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