Girl Organiser - Travel Essential

Girl Organiser - Travel Essential

$19.99 USD

Style B feather
Style B grey
Style B white
Style B Pink stripe
Style B Alpaca
Style B Cat
Style B cactus
Style B Flower
Style B fox
Style B Polar bear
Style B pear
Style B blue stripes
Style B Grey lemon
Style B Black lemon
Style B Yellow lemon
Style A feather
Style A gray
Style A Alpaca
Style A white
Style A Pink stripe
Style A Black lemon
Style A Grey lemon
Style A Flower
Style A Yellow lemon
Style A pear
Style A blue stripes
Style A fox
Style A Polar bear
Style A Cat
Style A cactus

Girl Organiser - Travel Essential 
Style A: H 9cm x L 24cm x W 18cm 
Style B: H 9cm x L 24cm x W 20cm 
Weight: 160g


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