Heart of Gold Dog Collar

Heart of Gold Dog Collar

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Heart of Gold Dog Collar 

* Say NO to plain and boring collars! Collars from the J.B. Wagger Collar Collection are hand crafted in the USA using the highest quality hardware & strapping available. Our buckles are Coast Guard approved for high weight hold and all collar and lead hardware is cast, not welded brass for extra strength. Our strapping is heavy duty rated, yet is soft, comfortable, and won't irritate sensitive skin. We triple stitch all stress points, and our signature finishing process leaves * NO rough edges on the collar that could rub your pups skin.

* Designer fabric and ribbon is colorful and stain and fray resistant. Machine wash cold, air dry.

  • XS Narrow 6”-12”
  • Small Narrow Collar 9"-15"
  • Small Collar 9"-15"
  • Medium Collar 12"-19"
  • Larger Collar 15"-21"
  • XL Collar 17"-24"
Narrow Collar 5/8"
Regular Collar 1" 

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