How Polarized Sunglasses Work to Block the Glare Out

Selena Hart

Posted on February 13 2020

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The enchanting beauty of the sun can be swiftly ignored and contempt when its glare hits the eyes and causes temporary blindness. When the bright shaft of sunlight hits the eyes, it can be both annoying and hazardous for the eyes.

What Is Glare?

Glare is a visual sensation and discomfort caused by an intensity of light greater than which the eyes are normally adapted to. Glare occurs when too many lights hit the eyes and restrict the eyes to manage visual function and see things clearly. Glare can occur both during the day and night in various ways. It may be reflected or come straight from a light source.

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The issue of glare is commonly faced by most people on a daily basis. While driving down the highway, fishing on a lake or watching a cricket match- the effects of glare can turn things uncomfortable for the person and even lead to an accident. This is why most men and women use polarized sunglasses for keeping their eyes protected from unwanted glare.

What makes polarized sunglasses different from other sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have always been favorite for men and women, who love to spend their time near the water. The sunglasses help block the glare and keep key the eyes safe from the light that’s reflected from the surface of the water.

Polarized lenses are added with a special chemical to filter light. This special chemical is laminated in a vertical pattern on the lenses. This pattern is intended to reorganize light and blocks extra light from hitting the eyes.

How Polarized Sunglasses Work

Polarized lenses work similarly to a window blind. As the chemical in the lenses is laminated in a vertical pattern, the light rays that approach the eyes vertically can only fit through those vertical openings. The horizontal light waves, on the other hand, is blocked out. This is also the reason why the image that you see through polarized sunglasses looks a little darker than usual.

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Though the image may appear slightly darker, with polarized sunglasses you get a clearer view and it’s easy to see the details much better.

Don’t Skimp on Shades...

Protection - In addition to cutting glare, polarized sunglasses can help men and women ease their eyes and prevent them from experiencing headaches due to light sensitivity. Polarized sunglasses can also boost visual clarity, acuity, and contrast, making the environment more enjoyable.

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