Pet Grooming at Home ‘Gone Wrong’

Selena Hart

Posted on October 23 2019

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So I decided to groom my Ginger (an American Eskimo breed) simply for the love of it and also because I have collected a dozen of pet grooming products online and have never actually used them. “So, why not my Ginger enjoy all the luxury of it” that’s what I thought. The whole process was really fun. Ginger and I had the best day of our life. But the thing is that now my Ginger looks totally different because of the very awful haircut I have given him and he doesn’t seem to even know about it.

Let’s flashback


The beautiful day started off with the brushing. Since my dog has different lengths of hair, I could make use of all the different types of combs to take out all the tangles. First, I began removing loose dirt and tangles on the head and neck then made through towards the rest of the body. Once it was done, man, my Ginger was looking so pretty.

Dogs surely love it when they are brushed whether the hair is short or long. So, remember to brush your dog whenever you get the time.


Then we head towards the bathroom for a luxurious bath. I treated with all the luxurious pet grooming shower products that I had purchased online. I made sure I work the shampoo all through the fur and reach the skin and then rinse him well with plenty of lukewarm water. By this time Ginger was all clean.

Here is a tip for you. Whenever you bathe your dog make sure you wash your dog’s face at the end so that you can prevent the soapy water from getting into the eyes and nose. Dogs really hate that. You can also place a cotton ball in each ear to prevent the water from entering it.

Hair Cut

This is where it went all wrong. After Ginger was all clean and dry and obviously looking very handsome I thought of doing something about the extra fluff and give him a cleaner look. While trying to level down the hair, I got carried away with overconfidence and trimmed the hair extremely short on one side. Now, Ginger looks like a mix version of both male and female dogs.

Important lesson learned. While investing in pet grooming products online, it’s equally important to invest your time in learning the skills to do it right. So, the next time you decide on doing something special for your dog, remember to check the manual or ask an expert on how to go about it. Now, I am only waiting for my dog’s hair to grow so that I can give a better haircut. Hopefully, it won’t ‘go wrong’ again.

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