Calming Pet Bed - Plush

Calming Pet Bed - Plush

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Calming Pet Bed - Plush

  • PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Super Soft and Super Warm burrowing cave bed. 
  • SLEEP SURFACE: The interior sleep surface and hooded blanket exterior feature lustrous long-pile micro velvet.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: (S) 50cm  (M) 50cm  (L) 65cm

Introducing the ultimate comfort solution for your furry friend - the Calming Pet Bed - Plush! Our pet bed features a pet-friendly design that provides a soft and warm burrowing cave for your furry friend to rest in. The bed is designed with orthopedic memory foam that evenly distributes your pet's weight, helping to reduce joint pain and improve mobility.

The self-warming pet bed has an anti-anxiety effect that soothes your pet's nerves, making them feel safe and secure. The washable plush pet bed has a donut cuddler design, providing a sense of protection to your pet.

Our pet bed is perfect for all types of pets, including those with arthritis, muscle stiffness, or any other health issues. It comes in three sizes (S, M, L) and is available in a luxurious long-pile micro velvet material that's sure to keep your furry friend cozy and relaxed. Order now and give your furry friend the gift of comfort!

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