Cat Litter Purifier (Rechargeable)

Cat Litter Purifier (Rechargeable)

$69.99 USD

2600mAh Deodorizer
4000mAh Deodorizer

Cat Litter Purifier (Rechargeable)

Cat Litter Purifier (Rechargeable)

Sterilization rate: 99% 

Deodorize Cat Litter Box

Can absorb dust & make air fresh

Equipped with highly sensitive biosensor

Odor eliminator will start deodorization after cat leaves

Can recharge odor eliminator when cleaning every 2 weeks


Looking for a rechargeable cat litter purifier that will help keep your litter box clean and odor-free? Look no further than our Cat Litter Purifier (Rechargeable)! With a sterilization rate of 99%, this cat litter deodorizer is perfect for eliminating unpleasant odors and keeping your litter box fresh and clean. Equipped with a highly sensitive biosensor, the odor eliminator will start deodorizing the moment your cat leaves the litter box.

This portable cat litter purifier is equipped with an ionizer and HEPA filter, which can absorb dust and make the air in your home fresher. The rechargeable cat litter purifier can be recharged when cleaning every two weeks, so it's always ready to use.

Say goodbye to pet odor and hello to fresh, clean air with our Cat Litter Purifier. With its smart technology and powerful odor elimination capabilities, it's the perfect solution for any cat owner looking to keep their home smelling fresh and clean. Get your cat litter purifier today and enjoy a cleaner, healthier home!

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