Dog Nail Grinder (USB/Painless)

Dog Nail Grinder (USB/Painless)

$29.99 USD

newset and 2 Head
newset and 5 Head

Dog Nail Grinder (USB/Painless)

Quiet Electric Nail Grinder (Rechargeable)

Ultra Quiet and Low Vibration: It gently removes thin layers of the nail with minimal noise so that sensitive pets won't be anxious or scared.

Stays Cool: Rotates at just the right gentle speed, preventing friction burn.

USB Charging: No need to fumble around for batteries, as it's USB Rechargeable for up to 5 Hrs of continous use.

No More Over-Cutting: Nail trimmer slowly trims away the layers of dog nails. No more worries about over-cutting, nasty pains or bleeding.

Easy to Clean: Just use a soft wet towel and gently brush away any nail dust.


Built-in Battery / USB Charging / Charging Time: 1.5 hrs / Battery Life: 7 hrs

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