Positive Energy Bracelet

Positive Energy Bracelet

$14.99 USD

Positive Energy Bracelet

Handcrafted from clear Quartz, Angelite & Sodalite Beads.  This carefully selected combination of three powerful positive energy crystals will asssist in bringing peace, relaxation & serenity to your environment.  8mm thick beads on a stretchable bracelet, fits most wrists.  About 7.5" in size.  

Clear Quartz: Strongly associated with the crown and Third Eye Chakras but will remove energy blockages from all the Chakras. Known as the 'Master Healer' 

Angelite: As the name suggests, the stone helps and aids communication with higher powers and is used extensively during meditation. Associated with the Third Eye Chakra (Crown) It is a very peaceful, soothing stone. 

Sodalite: Is more geared towards strength of the mind and control over ones emotions. It brings order and serenity to your conscious. It helps with endurance and stabilization of the body and Chakra. It also encourages rational thought, truth and strong self-esteem. 

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