TAILUP Summer Pet Hats (S-XL)

TAILUP Summer Pet Hats (S-XL)

$19.99 USD

Oxford red hong
flower hua
stripe tiaozi
Oxford blue lan
camouflage micai
Oxford black hei
red letter hongzi
blue letter lanzi
leopard baowen
Oxford orange ju
denim black niuhei

TAILUP Summer Pets Hats - Dog (S-XL)
Size Options: (S)8.5cm/31cm (M)11cm/34cm  (See Size Chart)

Do you know that Dogs & Cats can get Sunburn & can also get Sun Cancers!!!  It is your Responsibility to Slip Slop Slap on the Sunscreen daily!  Our Tailup Pet Hats are not only cute & colourful but are protecting your Pet from the rays of the Sun. 

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