Tear Drop S925 Silver Earrings

Tear Drop S925 Silver Earrings

$34.99 USD

Teardrop S925 Silver Earrings  

Certified CNAS Design Earrings

Design Inspiration

In legend
In the distant sea
Deep down lives a beautiful and mysterious mermaid
They swim freely in the deep sea
Living adjacent to humans

The mermaid princess fell in love with humans
After experiencing all the pain
She has human legs
Desire to dance with your beloved
The story doesn't have a happy ending
After tasting the sweetness and bitterness of love, the little mermaid
She shed pure and transparent tears
And turned into foam in the deep sea

1- Made of S925 silver
Not allergic; Skin friendly, comfortable and safe to wear

2- Moonstone
The Phantom Blue Moonlight Stone
The transparent crystal hides gentle charm
A faint blue from light to deep, from thick to light

3- Cubic Zircon
Inlaid artificially synthesized cubie zirconia
Brilliant and dazzling, flowing with colors

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