10 Products You Can't Go To a Festival Without

Selena Hart

Posted on December 11 2019

10 Products You Can't Go To a Festival Without


Festivals are always the most brilliant time of the year. Whether you are going for an Art festival, cultural festival, or music festival to spend time jamming with your friends, it’s always good to know what to pack inside your backpack before you hub into your ride.

Here are 10 important products that you certainly need to take with you, so that you fully enjoy yourself while you’re at the festival.

1. USB Quick Charger

Don’t waste money and time queuing up to charge your phone, when you should be actually enjoying the festival. USB quick chargers are available on Miss Molly & Co., at a very reasonable price. You won’t be out of phone battery to add your story on Instagram.

2. Daily Smart Watch

Don’t miss out on any of the plans and programs you and your friends have planned. Set your Daily Smart Watch to notify you of your schedule. Go-out-in-style and be there on time everyday!

3. Hat Special

Festival fashion can be a stylish journey from head to toe. A playful style hat is not only part of the party theme, but most of all is a necessity to protect you from the sun. Whether it be a sun hat or a ponytail baseball cap, you definitely will need something to protect your face from the sun – if in case it comes out. Stay Cool & Shine On Girl!

4. Reusable Water Bottle

Let’s be environment-friendly on your next trip to a festival. Bringing reusable water bottles to a festival is a great way to reduce billion of plastics entering the ocean, while also keeping yourself hydrated the whole festival. Take care of our Planet Earth!

5. Aloe Vera & the Sun

Another basic festival essential is your sunscreen. Let’s not be the guy who falls asleep under the sun and gets his face burned....Oooh! Pick up some skin-beneficial sun cream before you drive away. Slip-Slop-Slap ‘Everyday’

A Handy Tip: Aloe Vera Gel Spray is the best way to keep your skin hydrated & can be a soothing serum after the sun.

6. First Aid Kit

The future is always uncertain and accidents do happen. While having a party at the festival, you may also find yourself in need of some medical care. Always carry around a first aid kit filled with band-aids, Neosporin, Advil, and other necessary things, which you can rely on if anything happens. Stock up and have the perfect festival!

7. The Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant is a must-have to pack. It’s going to make you feel less gross, when you are out there, sweaty and having fun. Keep it Classy – it will stay with you All Night Long!

8. Waterproof Jacket

While we all dream of a bright sunny weekend, there is no certainty that it will be as exactly as we expect. It may rather turn out a mud bath. So, while you are packing all your most fashionable festive clothes, make sure you add your faithful waterproof jacket. Just Add....

9. Shoes for Moves

For any festival, you need comfortable shoes. All that walking, standing, jumping around dancing can be a nightmare without a little shoe comfort. Be a sport and take along your most comfortable besties...a spare if you need to.  It’s a foot-loose must!

10. Backpack Delight

Once you have your most required essentials ready to go...won’t you need a backpack to stuff them all in? You surely do. A simple backpack is fine, but it’s better to get an Anti-Theft-USB Charging Backpack to keep all your essentials safe. Perfect!

Secrets from the festival guide squad...

Make your dream festival time worthwhile and take inspiration from the affordable styles at Miss Molly & Co.

Let’s Go Shopping!

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