6 Tips for Choosing Jewelry for Your ‘First Date’ Outfit

Selena Hart

Posted on November 15 2019

6 Tips for Choosing Jewelry for Your ‘First Date’ Outfit

So, now you are finally going on a date with the one you have been waiting like forever to ask you out. Well, then girl...you better get yourself looking fantastic for your first date. You wouldn’t want to blow it now!!!

If you only do one thing – make sure your jewelry highlights your outfit – it will be the magical key charm that will make him fall under your spell and dream of you and only you! Let’s keep his eyes on you all night long!

Jewelry for your Date - What’s HOT and how to wear it!

Here are six (how it’s done) secret jewelry tips that give the final touch that will make you unforgettable. Go Girl!!

Tip 1: Balance your look

Little is enough! No matter how much you love your jewelry and wish to make an impression - Choose Wisely! Don’t go for the whole jewelry box full of over-flashing and heavy jewelry, this will only confuse your date and sparkle him out the door!  Instead, tone it down a little and go for a more sophisticated, balanced look. It’s simple and will make you look elegant and truly beautiful...all he desires!

Tip 2: Match with the venue

If you know the venue, it’s easier to choose your jewelry. If your date night is dining out in a five star fancy restaurant – then choose to wear something elegant. If you are going for an outdoors brunch, you can choose something that is casual and flattering. Perfect!

Tip 3: Highlight the positive in you

No one is perfect, but everyone has their own unique best features. Choose jewelry pieces that accentuate and highlight your best features. If you want your date to notice your beautiful facial feature, a pair of stunning earrings will be perfect for this. Likewise, a necklace can be worn to highlight your graceful neck or a gorgeous ring to draw the attention towards your beautiful hands.

Tip 4:  Be You

Remember... True Beauty comes from inside. Your date will like you more for being you. Don’t be afraid to be yourself on your first date. Choose your jewelry pieces that totally reflect your personality and let YOU shine. Your date will definitely admire your personality and charisma.

Tip 5: Have fun and be comfortable

It’s a date, so don’t get over pressured about impressing your date. Trust me, he is already impressed, if not why should he even ask you out, right? Go for comfortable, affordable fashion accessories online and just simply enjoy! And make unforgettable memories!

Tip 6: Don’t forget the Don’ts

Don’t decorate yourself with over-sized, colorful and too many accessories. There are definitely occasions for that but definitely not on your ‘first date’. Instead go for simple accessories for women, this way you will be able to draw the attention of your date solely on you and not on your jewelry.


Finally - Above everything else, make sure you choose accessories that make you feel good yourself.

Good luck!

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